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Brandi Starr, Mike Geller, and Rolly Keenan have led fascinating careers from guiding Olympic Teams to solving high stakes, complex problems for some of the biggest brands across Canada and the US. As leaders and speakers, each author blends quirky humour, integrity and a deep passion for shaping the future of marketing technology. Individually, they captivate and inspire audiences to think differently about what is possible. If you have a business event coming up, Brandi, Mike and Rolly can help you envision and achieve a better future!
Mike Geller
Mike Geller is a pun-loving coffee connoisseur, panellist and facilitator who makes you question if you ever understood the power of marketing technology. Mike believes that nothing is impossible and his knowledge of data, analytics and the future of revenue technology makes a strong argument that he could be right. Bringing Mike on to your podcasts and panel discussions will implore your audience to reconsider how they approach Martech and where they see their limits.
Brandi Starr
Brandi Starr leverages 20+ years of experience infusing dynamic strategy, technology, and operations to help marketers drive exponential revenue growth. Her ability to attract, convert, close, and retain customers using technology is unparalleled. She is a sought-after speaker who provides wisdom, expertise and guidance while engaging your audience. Brandi is available for conference workshops, corporate and association meetings, executive round tables, podcasts, webinars, radio and TV shows.
Rolly Keenan
Rolly Keenan transferred from the world of professional sports and working with the US Olympic Volleyball team to help grow some of the biggest brands on the planet. He has made a career of tackling impossible goals. Whether it is his hostage negotiation training or his power to ask questions that unlock eminent growth, Rolly enthralls and emboldens the audiences of executive roundtables, podcasts and panel discussions.

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Change and the future are not achieved without thinking differently. Authors Brandi, Mike and Rolly help to unshackle audience imaginations, give insights to where Martech is going and just how businesses can get there earlier than their competition. Everyone is stuck on treating symptoms of CX failures; Brandi, Mike and Rolly treat the causes.
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