CMO to CRO - The Revenue Takeover By The Next Generation Executive


The Revenue Takeover By The
Next Generation Executive
As your company’s chief marketing officer, you’re responsible for your organization’s growth and reputation—but you don’t have enough control. Your organization works in departmental silos, functional leaders pushing their own solutions and feeling satisfied with functional KPIs. But the kind of exponential growth that creates unstoppable momentum requires your customer-facing departments to fight for the customer instead of their own departmental wins. You’re not the only one who notices—but you are the only one in the perfect position to do something about it. Discover how to reach your potential and stand out as more than a marketing professional. In CMO to CRO, industry experts Brandi Starr, Mike Geller, and Rolly Keenan show you how to bring revenue to the forefront and make every team’s number one objective a seamless customer experience. You’ll learn how to create consistency by reorganizing your business, following the customer, prioritizing revenue, and using CX technology to succeed where your competition fails. This book presents a revolutionary approach to not only unite the silos but position you as an innovative leader and fi nally uncover what CX is really about: revenue growth.

Where to Buy CMO to CRO

A pragmatic guide to the future state of revenue operations
Chris Botting
This book is laid out in a simple fashion: where you are; where you ideally want to be; and a roadmap of how to start and maintain the journey. Based on years of experience, the "where you are" scenario will feel very recognizable in many companies, as you are walked through the many obstacles and challenges. Where do you want to go? Revenue nirvana, of course, the question remains, how to get there. The roadmap covers all of the bases, including vision, strategy, tech considerations and of course, aligning and accelerating the teams. This book will be a very welcome addition to anyone charged with growing revenue faster than your competition.
How to shift your mindset to the customer experience!
Michelle M
If you are ready to take your business to the next level, read this book!!!! CMO to CRO is a guideline to give you direction on how to look at your current business model realistically and use technology to launch your revenue to the next level. You may not be familiar with the marketing tools available or you might be familiar but feel overwhelmed by it. Don't be. Use this as a blueprint to drive customer experience, improve how you relate to your customers and thus increase your revenue. Create a vision and use marketing/revenue technology (RevOps) to build your organization around the customer experience. Brilliant!
For every sales and marketing leader
Every once in awhile a book comes along that makes things clear. This is one of those times. If you are a marketing professional who aspires to one day become a revenue leader, this is the book for you. If you are a Marketing Leader who is struggling to get your entire team performing at a high level, this is the book for you. If you’d like to take your marketing leadership game to a whole new level, this is the book for you. You won't be disappointed. This will inspire a whole new career path focused on what really matters...revenue.
The authors get it.
James M. Dufresne Jr.
Authors, Mike Geller, Rolly Keenan & Brandi Starr simply get it. For some time now, elite companies have known that a customer-focused revenue engine driven by marketing is the way to landmark growth. These guys do an excellent job at capturing the plays that all companies should be making, regardless of industry. This is the future of revenue growth.
Your Modern-Day Revenue Team Blueprint
Jen Spencer
Finally! A thoughtful, well-articulated, easy-to-read blueprint for why "open concept" revenue teams are ideal for a growth-oriented business and HOW to put a revenue team in place. This is both a great book to share with your executive team and board members if you have been struggling to get them on board AND ideal for future marketing, sales and service leaders who want to better understand what it takes to fuel a powerful revenue team.
Great insights - super valuable!
S. Scogin
I really enjoyed this book. As I was reading, it was obvious that the authors had an intimate knowledge of the subject matter. As the CRO role continues to evolve and change, CMO to CRO is a fantastic primer for anyone in marketing or sales leadership to learn and understand the nuances of the "revenue" role. I highly recommend this book!
It's not a revolution but an evolution
CMO to CRO provides a great framework for how to evolve and focus on the customer experience and in turn revenue growth. It's not just about sales or just about marketing, but about how they work together and with the product and support teams to ensure a good customer experience (internal and external customers both).
Repositioning of Marketing for Today's Market
As a marketer, it is imperative to understand the fundamentals of marketing, digital transformation, and Martech. This book takes that solid fundamental to a different level of understanding, especially for today's evolving business landscape. The book connects customer-centricity, product/services, business strategy, marketing, technology, and revenue in a seamless manner. This is a must-read for any business executive.

How the Book is Organized

The Problem
Today’s customer experience funnel is entombed in 1990s thinking. The biggest problem in marketing is that nobody is trying to fix it. Marketing, sales and support employ short term solutions in silos allowing revenue to slip through the cracks. Each department is buried in their independent goals, only coming up to throw technology at the symptoms of a bigger CX problem. In Part 1, we find the holes in the customer experience and explain how it is damaging your revenue.
The Future
The future is about making choices based on the customer’s success. Solving the CX equation turns prospects into brand champions and keeps teams inspired to be part of something bigger. Exponential growth is possible, you just need to look at the right problem differently.
How We Get There
CMO to CRO creates a path to the Revenue Takeover. The average enterprise has a Martech stack with 91 tools and adding more isn’t the answer. The takeover is about curating the right revenue technologies and team for a holistic, end-to-end, frictionless customer experience maximizing customer and revenue success. There is no magic pill for success but there is a path!

Who is CMO to CRO for?

Marketing & Revenue Leaders
This book is for marketing and revenue leaders responsible for shaping the future of their companies. The Chief Marketing Officer who knows that enough is enough. Band-Aid solutions are not working and more tech won’t help. Marketing, sales and support can no longer be separate. They are spokes in the same wheel of customer success.
Chief Executive Officers
CMO to CRO is also for the Chief Executive Officers who see that opportunities are being missed and sales, revenue and customers are slipping through the cracks. Independent silos, metrics and KPIs are not the future for customers. CEOs need forward-thinking strategies to enable the CMO.
Aspiring Leaders
Finally, this book is for those aspiring to lead. Those of you with a vision to recalibrate, revamp and restructure, to break new ground as the CEOs, CMOs and CROs of the future. This is your opportunity to bring new thinking and a fresh approach to a customer experience problem that will otherwise compound over time.

About the Authors

Mike Geller
Mike Geller is the cofounder of Tegrita and is the firm’s principal technologist. Mike graduated from the famed Ryerson University, Toronto and wasted no time in building a 15-year career covering all angles of marketing technology consultancy. Mike’s a self-proclaimed coffee snob, an author, a Trekkie, a husband, and a proud dad to two children.
Brandi Starr
Brandi Starr is a marketing maven and author who brings two decades of experience into her role as the COO of Tegrita. A graduate of Penn State and the University of Phoenix, Brandi was recently named one of MartechExec’s “50 Women You Need to Know in Martech”. She is a career strategist and speaker with an innate ability to leverage technology to drive success. Brandi was born with two teeth, ready to take a bite out of marketing and technology, and chew through competition (#BornOverAchiever). Today, she resides in Atlanta, has a beautifully blended family of five children. When she’s not making the magic happen, you can find Brandi on a plane, eating street tacos (#TacosAreLife), or spending time with her family.
Rolly Keenan
Rolly Keenan is a serial entrepreneur who splits his time between Chicago and Colorado. He is a born leader and the key growth specialist at Tegrita as our CRO. Rolly brings 20 years of leading growth at the likes of LinkedIn, Oracle, Gallup and the US Olympic Volleyball Team. Graduating from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, Rolly is a trained hostage negotiator who is a partner to the wonderful, Veronica, and a father to six children and one dog, Nala.